Abridged Competition Entry Rules

The following are an abridged version of the HPS rules for submitting prints and digital files in to HPS competitions. The full rules can be found in the Members Handbook which is available as a PDF on another page of this website.


-All images must be the work of the author and originate
from a camera.

- All competition dates are published at the start of the year,
late submissions will not be accepted.

- In Photographer of the Year competition rounds images
will be marked with a score of up to 20.

- The highest two (2) marks of each competitor in all three
rounds of the competition (six scoring images) will be
added together. The competitor with the highest total
marks at the end of the year will be declared “Photographer
of the Year” (POTY).

- In the Annual Print and PDI competitions judges will be
asked to score images to a maximum mark of 20 and
choose and declare an out right winner.

- A maximum of three images may be submitted to any
single competition or any single round of the POTY.

- In the case of the POTY these may be all print, all digital
or a mixture of both.


- Prints may be trade processed.

- Must be mounted, preferred and maximum mount size
being 400mm X 500mm. The minimum print size allowed is
130mm X 180mm on a 205mm X 255mm mount.

Digital Images:

- Images must be numbered, have titles and the authors
initials in the following form. 1Blue_Moon_TS.jpg and be in
JPEG file format.

- Preferred and maximum resolution is 1400 ppi X 1050 ppi


NB: POTY = "Photographer of the Year" Competition